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May. 1st, 2020 02:31 am
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"You've reached the voicemail of Tadashi Hamada.
Sorry I'm not in, but leave a message and I'll contact you back the moment I can."
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Here's the thing -- I've never played Tadashi before and I've been out of the rp world for a long time.
I tend to get excited and dive headlong into things, but I'm always looking for things to improve. This isn't just a HMD for my characterization,
but also my writing. I absolutely will not take offense if you have some helpful pointers for things I can improve on.
Especially if you actually tell me where to go to learn about the stuff I'm bad at. Like punctuation. And fragments.

Seriously, though. If Tadashi is off in any way, let me know and I will do my best to improve.

Leaks (Ew)

Jun. 19th, 2015 03:23 am
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"Welcome to nerd school. Nerd."

"Hey, uh, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you so... y'know. Thanks for not giving up on me."

You're standing next to Hiro on a bridge overlooking the SFIT campus buildings. It's one of those peaceful, fulfilling moments where everything seems right with the world. And you feel a sense of pride and admiration for the kid beside you.

Then the sirens start. You whip around, alarmed as you feel the bottom drop out of your stomach. Something has gone horribly wrong. You both race back toward the exhibition hall, spurred on by screaming and the crackling of flames. You round a bend and the building suddenly looms in front of you, completely engulfed.

You race forward again, only pausing to help a woman who's stumbling.

"Are you okay?"

She answers immediately, pointing back toward the building: "Yeah, I'm okay -- But Professor Callaghan's still in there!"

There's a moment of fear, but then determination as you run for the steps of the exhibition hall only for Hiro to grab your arm.

"Tadashi, no!"

You hesitate for a minute, staring at his face. He's scared and he needs you, but right at this moment, the man you look up to is trapped inside that building. As long as there's a chance, you can't leave him there to die.

"Callaghan's in there," you insist, trying to get across to Hiro just how urgent this is, how you don't have a choice. "Someone has to help."

You pull away again, sprinting up the stairs and into the building. You have a few minutes where the intense heat hits you, and you raise an arm to shield your face as you press forward, frantically searching for Callaghan. You take another step as you think you see something, but the flame has finally hit an accelerant. You barely know what's coming. You don't even have time to yell.

The explosion blows out every window in the building.


It's just a lazy day in the lab. There aren't any projects coming up or urgent deadlines and Fred's brought pizza in again. Everyone has gathered around Fred's nerdy throne (actually: an armchair rescued from the garbage) to just chill out for a minute and enjoy the college experience.

You're leaning against Fred's chair, concentrating hard on getting the pizza into your mouth without dropping any of it onto the floor. You're starving, and it'll be hours yet before you get to dinner at home.

Gogo is sitting cross-legged on the floor, giving Fred a disbelieving stare and pressing her fingers to her temples. Wasabi is standing stiffly to the side, eyeing you in horror as the cheese starts to slide off your pizza and you catch it with your hand. Honey Lemon has pulled a stool over and has perched daintily to watch the show.

"Just, like, think about it for a moment," Fred is insisting, gesturing wildly with his pizza and flinging toppings at a mortified Wasabi. "We take Wasabi's lasers and we put them on Gogo's bike. Add in a canon with some crazy cocktail Honey cooks up in the lab and BAM!"

Fred smashes two pieces of pizza together and you laugh as Wasabi seems to try hard not to lose his lunch.

"Insta Mario Kart. In real life. How cool is that?" Fred finishes lifting both eyebrows and leaning forward eagerly. "Who's with me?"

"Hey, I'm in as long as it's Gogo's bike we're modifying," you say, grinning as Gogo shoots a glare your way.

"No one touches my bike." Gogo aims a spanner at first you, then Fred. "Got it?"

"Okay, but imagine this," Fred replies, completely unfazed.

You have to laugh again. This is what college is all about.


Jun. 5th, 2015 10:15 pm
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 Coming soon.
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This is the place where you can put in a small blurb about the character. Below is where you edit their stats--text bubble is how much interaction they've had (whether that's in canon or since arriving is up to you) and heart... self-explanatory.
Tadashi has slowly come to rely on Charles for information when it comes to the stranger goings-on aboard the Tranquility. They don't have a close personal relationship, but Tadashi trusts Charles to take the time to answer his questions.
Rikku has quickly won a spot as one of Tadashi's best friend's aboard the Tranquility. He was really proud of her when she was promoted to the head of the engineering department. Tadashi spends a lot of time talking shop with Rikku in free moments and tries to stop in for a quick chat whenever he's in engineering for one of his shifts.
They just keep awkwardly running into each other ever since Max first threatened Tadashi with a scalpel. Occasionally Tadashi tries to feed him to make it less awkward. It doesn't work. Max still just grumbles a lot.
Harry Potter
Along with Rikku, Harry is one of Tadashi's closest friends. Whenever he can, Tadashi tries to match shifts with him in engineering to quiz the other boy about magic and to go on at length about robotics/tech/whatever project he and Hiro are currently hard at work on.

Code by [community profile] bannertech.


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